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    2. Why Millennial Employees Can't Make it Past Probation Period

      Why Millennial Employees Can't Make it Past Probation Period
      We found this article from the Courier Mail's Frank Chung. It's titled, MillennialEmployees Struggle to Make it Past Probation. In it, he shares some interesting insights. Here's a particularly interesting one: Mr Weiss said absence, lateness and misconduct were clearly an own goal, while poor performance could be a result of the employee not knowing what was expected of them or overstating their abilities. For more of ...
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    3. What To Do If You Have A Noisy Neighbour

      What To Do If You Have A Noisy Neighbour
      Living in a strata apartment leaves you open to the probability of having to live with a noisy neighbour. Luckily this article from strata living advice blog site Smarter Communities is here to help. It gives us some tips on how to cope with a noisy neighbour. Generally, the article suggests that you just try to be a good neighbour by politely communicating your grievances directly to them. However, if ...
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    1. Having so many lovely leafy public areas and tree-lined streets is a nice problem to have. Trees, after all, contribute greatly to Noosa's character and consequently also to our lifestyle and our economy.
      In New Policies on Public Tree Management from the Noosa Council
    2. You get a lot of the Baby Boomers that are retiring and coming here, and it's lifestyle driven.
      In Investing in Property? These NSW Towns are Worth the Look