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    1. Publisher: BoredPanda
      I discovered Photoshop at 17 for fun, without even imagining that I could become a professional in the field. The Living Sketches project came about when I was attending a famous art contest site called Worth1000, where I learned to stimulate my creativity.
      - In Combining Digital and Pencil Art
    2. Publisher: BoredPanda
      When I learned that Bored Panda shared my art, it made me very happy, and soon, great opportunities began to appear.
      - In Combining Digital and Pencil Art
    3. Publisher: mindbodygreen.com
      While both supplements and fortified foods are important sources of vitamin D for the UK population, evidence suggests current UK supplementation polices are not working.
      - In The Virtue of Adding Vitamin D in Wheat Flour
    4. Publisher: mindbodygreen.com
      We now hope that UK policy makers will consider a new national policy to fortify foods such as wheat flour with vitamin D to address this serious health issue. This will lead to significant benefits for the population, particularly the most vulnerable groups.
      - In The Virtue of Adding Vitamin D in Wheat Flour
    5. Publisher: livingtired.org
      It's the song I play at the same time as commuting to work. It's the dish I try and make without a recipe with jazz softly playing within the historical past. It's the smartphone call I make to a far-flung pal, just to mention good day and seize up.
      - In Old-Fashioned Yet Effective Methods in Self-Care Practice
    6. Publisher: livingtired.org
      Eating is one of the core bodily additives to self-care because it literally is nurturing our bodies to exist.
      - In Old-Fashioned Yet Effective Methods in Self-Care Practice
    7. Publisher: livingtired.org
      It is assumed that the outcomes of Abhyanga are similar to the ones received whilst one is saturated with love.
      - In Old-Fashioned Yet Effective Methods in Self-Care Practice
    8. Publisher: Entrepreneur
      We were making 20,000 bath bombs a month, in our basement.
      - In Young Founders
    9. Publisher: Entrepreneur
      Our friends and school have been really supportive.
      - In Young Founders
    10. Publisher: Artsy
      If you want to know all about Andy Warhol, just look at the surface of my paintings and films and me, and there I am. There's nothing behind it.
      - In The Wild West Inspired Andy Warhol's Art
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